SRD in the Community

In the interest of implementing our company mission, we have challenged ourselves to serve the community. We are fortunate to have the privilege to “dream dreams and live them” and hope to inspire others by demonstrating the commitment and drive it takes to do so. We strive to create something bigger than our own interests and more meaningful than our own achievements.


Who Does FAST Aid Help? 

Currently FAST Aid will extend support to injured racers, media and pit crews that are
participating in sanctioned races within the borders of the United States. These will
cover BITD, DRIVE, LOORS, MDR, MORE, SNORE, SCORE, & TORC.  They strive to help all that they can and as they grow as an organization they plan to expand their
support to other states.

What type of help does FAST Aid provide?

FAST Aid can provide preventative,financial and emotional support for drivers, ​media and team members that are injured during races. Uniquely FAST Aid has Safety Classes that can help you be prepared in the event of an accident and prevent causing further injury to a person. They offer financial assistance to those who may require

additional funds as a result of injury. Also they offer emotional support by helping

families through difficult times by visiting patients in the hospital and ensuring that

families are able to be with their injured loved ones.

Highschool Workability Program

SRD has received a Certificate of Appreciation for the last 3 academic years for outstanding service and commitment to the Workability Program and the students of Vista Unified School District. By mentoring students with similar interests in a fun and interactive environment – we will strategically cultivate successful members of the community. Through informal instruction and hands-on experience, students are not only taught, but shown, the intricacies of success in the fabrication industry. Skills learned will undoubtedly propel students into advanced positions throughout the workforce and build a foundation for creativity, resourcefulness, and overall progression. By offering the opportunity to be a part of our indomitable team we encourage healthy competition that will surely provide a sense of fulfillment. Our race team routinely creates and maintains its own race vehicles that are often used as means of instruction. We welcome the students to take part in our professional race preparations both mechanically and logistically, as each are equally important. These preparations provide unique knowledge and experiences that will unquestionably shape character.

Charity Offroad Show & Tell

In an effort to provide a fun and interesting environment for our sport and to promote the cultivation of relationships between off-road enthusiasts, vendors, and sponsors, SRD has created an event that has become a much anticipated semi-annual affair. The Off-Road Show & Tell is designed around the foundation of a Classic Car Show, entries are open to whoever would like to put their vehicle on exhibit. A Contingency Row, putting our vendors and/or sponsors directly in touch with the contestants displaying their vehicles. A Charity Pit Crew Challenge, Beer Garden, $1 tacos, and a raffle with prizes donated from the Offroad Community are highlights of the event as well as the Trophy Ceremony scheduled for the end of the day. Each are means to raise money for charity. 100% of proceeds are given directly to Fast-Aid and the Baja Cancer Foundation during a check presentation at the awards ceremony.

Fast-Aid is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial, educational and personal assistance to injured racers, support teams and their families as well as ensures the necessary support is in place to complete a thorough recovery and rehabilitation from motor sports racing incidents.

The Baja Cancer Foundation's goal is to help all we can all over the United States& Baja where there is a strong need. This would include providing necessities & equipment for cancer clinics as well as payment for cancer treatment for underprivileged children of the world.

Max's Ring of Fire (MROF) is a pediatric cancer fundraising and advocacy organization that supports innovative neuroblastoma research and clinical trials. They focus on speed and options for kids, by bringing new therapies to bedside NOW for the patients that need them most - those with advanced relapsed or refractory neuroblastoma.

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