Our Services

Our team is comprised of successful, motivated competitors who have specialized skills in the areas of metallurgy, high performance engine design, MIG & TIG welding, design & custom fabrication, suspension performance, parts selection and assembly, systemic product testing and analysis, customer support and performance enhancement. 

CNC / Machining

Our computer aided technology assists immensely in the production of precision products. SRD is able to produce its own tabs, brackets, washers, spacers, and bushings in-house. Custom parts, plates and hardware can be machined and/or plasma cut to order. Customers can provide their own blueprints - or our CAD team can create the right piece after consultation. Skilled in using programs like AutoCAD and SolidWorks, our fabricators engineer innovative and cutting edge parts for a variety of uses.

Race Prep. / Race Operations & Management / Logistical Support

SRD Race Operations & Management Group offers the following services to competing teams that desire an organized upper hand. 

Establish Team Racing Goals and Objectives

Define Measures of Expectation & Measures of Effectiveness

Conduct Regular Evaluation of Training, Testing and Racing Readiness

Locate, Procure and Allocate Resources to Obtain Our Desired End-State

Produce Unrivaled Logistics Planning and Execution of all Race Activities

Grow the Team, Share our Successes and Continue the Vision for Successive Generations

Our team offers the same services that we supply for our own race team - for those with the desire to surpass the  

competition with a well organized and expertly executed chase crew. 

Offroad Design & Fabrication

Specializing in Offroad Fabrication, our team continually pushes the envelope with new designs, tested and proven by our own Race Team. Our fabrication department works with each client individually to create a customized end product, tailored specifically for their needs.

Our services include:

Suspension Systems
Full Race Prep.
Regular Maintenance
TIG/MIG Welding
Testing & Analysis
Body Work
Engine Modifications
Specialty Products
CAD drawings

Engine Modifications & Repair


Diesel Performance

Whether you need a rebuild, upgrades, or complete motor construction - SRD is more than capable of delivering excellence.

With more than 18 certifications in Diesel Technology and Automotive Machining our mechanics are highly skilled in engine performance from dirtbikes to 18-wheelers. Our shop works closely with Dealers and Distributors nationwide to provide our customers with an endless array of parts and accessories. We have strategically maintained relationships with leaders in the motorsports industry to make your parts acquisition a breeze.

We consistently research and test the latest products on the market so that you don't have to!

Street / Hot Rods

Whether for street, show, or drag racing, SRD understands the importance of quality craftsmanship and customization. We pride ourselves in:

Complete Restorations
Onboard Air Systems
Frame Zs and Linking
Custom Interior
Handbuilt Street/Race Motors
Brake Conversions
Rear End Swaps
Show Preparation
Car Club Logo and Product Design



Graphic Design

Our graphic design department specializes in providing customized team products that will set you apart from the crowd! Because we are an extreme sports team, we understand exactly what you need to get your point across to the general public, the competition, and most importantly, to your sponsors. We pride ourselves on our low pricing guarantee - while still offering high quality goods. Dont blend in! Call for your free consultation today!

Custom Designs 

Looking for something unique to represent you or your business? Our fabricators and design team collaborate to create custom signage, furniture, and decor that will surely set you apart from the rest!